Welcome to Spoko Solutions Mechanical Design!

Spoko: from Bulagarian - СПОКОЙНО (spōkoino); calmly or with ease. With this mantra we approach every project. A calm respect for our customers need for fast, reliable, on budget production services for electronics enclosures. Combining our expierence in mechanical/enclosure design, with the electronics masterminds at Five Man Conspiracy, and your blooming product enthusiasim, we have the capabilities to bring your dream from ideas sketched on a napkin to a functional prototype. And finally a tangable, marketable product.

We also understand that sometimes you might only be looking for a little guidance. If you feel you are at a crossroads and just need someone to bounce some questions off of, feel free to ask away!

No matter where your project is, check out our Design Process section to learn about each step of the mechanical design process and see where we may be able to give your product a kick in the production pants.

If you have any quesitons about the electronics development side of things, please visit our friends at Five Man Conspiracy.

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